School girls with guns : Marketing hard core online games

Today, most hard core online games have one thing in common – Their Demographic. The sweet spot for publishers, developers and marketeers of Hard Core online games is the 17 to 34 male demo. This demo is popularly referred to as Male Gen Y. One of the challenges my team and I faced while creating the marketing strategy for APB Reloaded was appeasing our target demographic. It is next to impossible to please a 20 year old male with raging hormones !!! We were absolutely lucky to find a partner in [a] list games who became our marketing agency for APB Reloaded. After months of brainstorming, the teams at [a] list and GamersFirst came up with the skeleton structure of the marketing content for APB Reloaded. What you will see below is genesis of this explosive campaign. I do hope you enjoy it !!

  1. poker said:

    ahaan… ! hard core online games.. wow the girls really done the nice one and i love the post.. thanks for sharing it.

  2. Amazing school girls with guns blog. I love online games for fun.
    Keep posting.

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