I always love a good Info-graphic ! Here is one from our business partner, Pando Networks, who are the leaders in Online Games distribution technologies. What is interesting is that in an economy where traditional / conventional industries are experiencing contraction in revenue, online gaming and Free2Play games are growing at enviable rates. It feels good to be an insider in this industry !

I was recently interviewed by Gamasutra about the Russian video games market. It was great to be featured in this article alongwith Gabe Newell of Valve and Peter Warman of Newzoo. Russia is one of the fastest growing markets for Online Games. Here is the link


Gamasutra – Features – Gunning For Russia: A Market Worth Investigating?.

“Hi Rahul, its been a while since we spoke – Do you want to co-author a book ?!!”

This year rolled by extremely fast. At the beginning of the year I had made a resolution that despite my 90 hour work weeks, I will find a few hours in a week to invest in myself. I have always liked to share experiences and this resolution was another step in “feeding” my soul. WIth a very intense work environment, 2 kids and a mortgage I seemed to be racing through life in rush hour traffic !!

So, when I got the call from a very dear friend and co-alumni I felt refreshed. Over the last 4 weeks, I have been included in a team of extremely talented and passionate individuals, who are all busy career executives like me, and together we are putting together a book we have titled “App Zap Pump Play – The Elements to help achieve your Goals”. The vision is to create multiple books down the road, with each edition focused on specific goals. The first edition is going to be focused on “How to find a job in 30 days ?” which seems very “publishable” given our nation’s economic condition.

We just created a blog site at which will give you a slightly more detailed look at our direction for this book.

I do look forward to your feedback and maybe hear your stories about what you do to feed your soul outside your “Work-Life” ecosystem.

I like this cliché! It defines who I am and the world in which we live. Change encompasses every aspect of our life and we experience it, sometimes painfully, every second of our day. This is going to be the first amongst a series of posts I am doing on change. 

One of the key factors for success in any business, today, is the ability of its stakeholders to initiate and manage change. “Solid as a rock” may not be a positive trait any more, especially in a business environment. “Flexible like Putty”, though it sounds namby-pamby, is the mantra of this generation. I have been working with Fortune 500 clients and helping them manage their outsourcing strategies over the last 5 years. I now head sales at Gameshastra, one of the leading outsourced services providers to the video games industry. In the outsourcing businesschange can be your best friend or your worst enemy!! The Video Games industry, where there are new products released every week and companies are constantly changing themselves in order to come up with the next BIG product idea, is even more sensitive to this environment.Game developers who have had difficulties in working with external developers across the street now have to interact and work with globally distributed teams. They have to realign their internal teams, figure out new accents and re-invent their processes in order to fully utilize the benefits of outsourcing.  

Service providers in this business are facing the pangs of change as well – With the opening up of India and China, vendors in the Western hemisphere are feeling the pressure from their clients to provide enhanced value at lower prices. Indian and Chinese vendors are trying hard to create an organizational culture which marries strong business and operations processes with a western games culture. They face challenges with communication, quality and overall efficiency. At Gameshastra, the management team was very cognizant of these issues when they started the company. The company’s entire strategy revolved around hiring veterans from the games business in North America and transporting them to head delivery teams in Hyderabad, India. This strategy has obviously paid off but not without its own pains. 

Life for an American “born and raised executive is not easy; especially when they have to adjust to a new environment and culture thousands of miles away (Coach-Class travel does not help either – Especially when it involves being in a airplane for 20 hours, three to four times in a year!!). So, change impacts their lives in a way which can be sometimes hard to imagine!! From a sales perspective, I have to change my pitch with every client in this business. I work with clients who come from a diverse mix; each publishing company has its own processes and “quirks”. Our clients range from multi billion dollar Game publishing giants to small independent studios. There is one message though which does not change in the pitch – Outsourcing is not about short term benefits; “It only gets worse before it gets better.” There is no panacea for the resulting turmoil which accompanies this change; Clients who can internalize this message and plan their journey as partners with their vendor end up benefitting the most.

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