I always love a good Info-graphic ! Here is one from our business partner, Pando Networks, who are the leaders in Online Games distribution technologies. What is interesting is that in an economy where traditional / conventional industries are experiencing contraction in revenue, online gaming and Free2Play games are growing at enviable rates. It feels good to be an insider in this industry !

The video games industry seems to have become the darling of the street !! Vivendi and Activision are merging, EA wants to spend a few billions to acquire Take2, THQ acquired Big Huge Studios, Microsoft acquired RARE, Activision acquired Bizarre UK….
I can bet that the offices of these large publishers have more M&A consultants and Bankers roaming the floors than developers and creative folk !!
This frenzied M&A activity will definitely have a huge impact – On consumers, employees and ancillary businesses which provide services to the large players. Just another example of extreme change impacting all the elements in the value chain of this business.
Check out this excellent article let me have some of your comments and thoughts on how this would impact the stake holders in the video games business.

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