I always love a good Info-graphic ! Here is one from our business partner, Pando Networks, who are the leaders in Online Games distribution technologies. What is interesting is that in an economy where traditional / conventional industries are experiencing contraction in revenue, online gaming and Free2Play games are growing at enviable rates. It feels good to be an insider in this industry !

(This is an Excerpt from the book I am Co-authoring with 3 other, very talented, professionals – You can read more about the book on my other blog


There are at least four major “generational scale” changes to the social landscape happening at about the same time:

•Technology platforms are shifting (mobility, cloud, social),

•Communication and collaboration channels are being reinvented (Web, mobile, social),

•The consumer’s need is driving innovation, and

•Data is opening up and exploding out of the proliferating apps, devices, and sensors.


There is an endless time flow of innovative new mobile and Web apps for managing travel, money, news, communication, productivity, and countless other key functions.  But this is not as important as what’s happening with communication.  There have been vast improvements in the ability to quickly connect, communicate, and collaborate with anyone in the world via social conversations, photos, audio, video, and more.

Finding and acquiring new software means just the click of a button in an app store.  User experiences are changing:  The aging graphical user interface is being uprooted by touch-based interfaces in new consumer apps that work much better in many physical situations.

The mantras of this new generation of Information Technology (IT) are “easy,” highly mobile, “knowledge worker,” and “social.”

With over 800 million users on Facebook, social media has already surpassed that original trailblazing vehicle of modern communication:  Email. Increasingly, the world is using social networks and other social media-based services to stay in touch, communicate, and collaborate.  The ubiquitous Internet and the new social media have created a generation of knowledgeable individuals or workers.

The convergence of social media, mobility, and the knowledgeable worker has resulted in these technologies providing new solutions to old problems.  The technology has also reduced the time to solve these everyday problems.

This revolution has sparked a whole new age of consumerism that has transformed the way individuals and businesses interact with the world today, leading to the creation of a new convergence of the individual, small business, and large business.

Understanding modern communications, and how technology can be easily used to help you move forward, is key to achieving your goal.

I was thinking about the enormous change my life has gone through over the last 18 months…and it made my head spin ! After being “relatively” single for nearly 33 years, I got married in October 2006. The East coast was never in my radar for a place to live but I moved from Dallas to New Jersey in March 2007 and changed jobs. I had been settling comfortably at HCL, India’s 4th largest outsourcing powerhouse, enjoying the benefits and the “power” of being a senior manager at a $4bn company. However, the risk taker in me made me dive into a startup – Gameshastra. My wife and me had a baby boy, Arjun, in August 2007 and just as we were contemplating buying a house in the Poconos (an Hour from NY in Pennsylvania) , my company opened up a new HQ in El Segundo, CA (Greater Los Angeles). Before anyone could say “baby boy”, we packed our stuff and moved to a beautiful apartment in Marina Del Rey. The highlight of course, in all this madness, was meeting my wife and having Arjun. Having a child is absolutely the most amazing life changing experience for any human being. Mita (my wife) and Arjun are the only things which kept me sane in the midst of all this change. Working for Gameshastra is the next best thing !! The opportunities and challenges in a startup are scary and exhilarating – Like the proverbial Roller coaster ride ! Every hour here is unique and since this is “my” company the buck starts and stops at me.

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